Air transportation

Air transportation is mainly used for the delivery of sensitive parcels in a very short period of time. In order to ensure customer’s satisfaction and requirements, All Low Cost Transit organizes the freight of goods by air from all over the world.

In order to ensure the timely delivery of parcels, cargo compartments are booked upfront in the form of allotments. With this approach, goods always find a space on the aircraft, even at the last minute. Everything that can, or must, be transported swiftly is carried in our aircraft pallets.

Thanks to our team of experienced professionals and confirmed freight forwarders, benefit from a customized and cutting-edge service. Our team strives to promptly meet your requirements. Our devoted staff will provide you with accurate details about your shipment, and will keep you fully informed throughout the whole journey of your parcel.

In the field of air freight and logistics transport, it is important that parcels arrive intact. Therefore, our air transport company takes utmost care to pack and protect the package. Our logistics managers ensure that the goods are not cluttered. In short, our processes are set up with precision and care to ensure their transport in optimal conditions of safety.

Get closer to our transit agency for all your needs for prompt delivery goods to and from Cameroon. All Low Cost Transit guarantees you the best record time and also the most competitive rates This is possible through the collaboration of our true professionals of logistics transport and air freight.