Imports: Driving and Customs

Imports: Driving and Customs

Imports begin with the conduct and clearance of goods and end with the accounting in detail.

• International …;

• Equipment or clearance certificates;

• Special manifest of ship’s stores and junk goods belonging to the crew members.

In practice, the consignee records the manifest under ASYCUDA ++ 24 hours before the arrival of the ship at the dock or 6 hours before the landing of the aircraft for intercontinental flights, or 1 hour 30 minutes for the continental flights.

Following these formalities, the competent authority in charge of the administration of customs proceeds to the boarding of the ship, affixing the visa “ne varietur” on the paper manifest presented by the consignee, proceeding to the scours more targeting of transport tickets and consolidates manifests under ASYCUDA ++.

Summary table of the formalities of registration, selection, filing of the accounting in detail and liquidation of import duties and taxes.

1   Declarer   Seize, store, apply for liquidation through the MODBRK module, Put at his disposition by the customs administration, from his own computer facilities.
2 Declarer  Receives in return one of the following four messages: Cleared (green circuit)Deferred control (blue circuit)Documentary check (yellow circuit)Goods tour (red circuit)He knows the number, the date and time of registration of his declaration, the processing circuit of his declaration (good to be removed, documentary check or visit), the name of the inspector responsible for his file (yellow and red circuit), the number and the date of the payment of duties and taxes (green and blue circuit).
3 Declarer  Documentary check: yellow circuit – visit of goods: red circuit
The orientation in a yellow or red circuit is an obligation for the declarant to appear before the designated inspector. The declarant edits his declaration, signs it and deposits it with the competent office within the prescribed period of one working day.