Maritime Transportation

Shipping is the transportation medium of choice in international trade. This inexpensive transportation medium is sound and ecological. In addition, it is the perfect medium to ship any kind of merchandise, regardless of the size, weight or type. At All Low Cost Transit, we organize and manage all of your shipping procedures.

Thanks to our transit agents, freight forwarders and other members of our team, we meticulously ensure the expedition or shipment of parcels with the highest care. We meet all the requirements and needs of our customers. With us, each parcel is identified, measured, labelled, and tracked throughout its journey towards its final destination.

Shipping can be done on various types of vessels. We have bulk carriers which are specialized in the transportation of unpackaged cargo, such as grains, coal, ore, or cement. Then there are refrigerated vessels mainly specialise in the transportation of perishable goods. Containers ships which their lay out can be amended to the volume and number of containers. Finally, we have Ro-ro ships, equipped with a rear ramp for the handling of all types of goods.

On arrival or departure, All Low Cost Transit has an effective network of partners. This network of partners is based on seriousness, professionalism and integrity of collaborators. Conclusively, we are surrounded with professionals who share the same ethical values with us.