What to know on the Exportation of goods

Who can be an exporter of goods in Cameroon?

Every Individual or corporation.

What can we Export ?

All goods are exportable be they from cameroon or not. However some goods are exempted from export duties, as is the case with Cameroon’s raw products, soil and subsoil (rubber, cocoa, coffee, banana, cotton, etc.). The other products are subject to an export tax, the value of which corresponds to 2% of the FOB value of these goods. In any case, the benefits of the export must be domiciled in a bank account.

What to do or not to do?

– Send the goods to a customs office or to one of the places designated by the Customs Service;     

– Never bypass or avoid Customs offices when transporting goods for export as this is prohibited.

– On export, the customs value is that of the goods at the point of exit, declared on the date of registration of the declaration of the customs office; this value may be increased by the cost of transport to the border.